confessions of a buddha-chick

by Ama Zhu Zhu



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azzhu #1 


You used to take me while I

stood there washing - from behind.

What is it with men? Ironing, or dishes

and they're suddenly "hands on"

my breasts

my belly

bending my neck

from behind.


If I'd meant "no"

I'd have left you.




azzhu #2 


Where are the poems you promised me

for each curve of my spine

each nod

each pause at either end of sliding





azzhu #3 


For God so loved that man

He bent me like a wishbone


Like that first night with Saul

We were never more than 20 years apart




azzhu #4 


Remember the prayers we said

along old Avenue des Anges?

I lied that night. I wanted God

and slept with you instead.




azzhu #5 


I remember the first time I took you in

you said I had your mother's hands

for me it was my father's touch





azzhu #6 


unavailable: under revision



azzhu #7 



I hear you chanting

my names


"I'm 'a love you with the back of my hand

baby love you with the back of my hand



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